How I turned a small room into a walk in wardrobe on a budget

Out of all the rooms in our home, I truly believe choosing furniture for my dressing room was the most difficult. Before we moved out of our apartment due to an internal leak, my dressing room was mostly a storage room rather than the walk in wardrobe I wanted it to be. When my fiancé Josh and I first moved into our apartment, we built everything in such a rush due to excitement and due to this, we built one of the shoe racks incorrectly and don’t even get me started on the wardrobe!

After the leak, I had a new vision for the dressing room, this time, I wanted my dream to become a reality. After months and months of looking, I finally decided on the affordable furniture that we bought for my dressing room and I am going to be sharing this with you today. 

The doorless wardrobes were the ones that I had my eyes on as they create the walk in dressing room effect. The wardrobes that Josh and I decided to get were the PAX wardrobes from IKEA, which allow me to access my clothes, shoes and jewellery easily. I decided to continue on with the neutral theme in the dressing room by going for the white wardrobe. The colour of the wardrobe also makes the room brighter which also makes the room look bigger than it is. Building the wardrobes and customising them to look how I wanted them to look took a while but it was so worth it.

Photo credits -Instagram @allthingsshome

Initially the dressing room had a silver curtain pole with dull looking grey, black- out curtains. I was looking for curtains that were light and were still going to keep the privacy when needed. Finding affordable white curtains was a struggle, however, I kept searching until I found ‘THE CURTAINS’. I finally found the Heavy Slub Single Panel Curtain from the range for only £7.99 each. I am so happy with these curtains as they look more expensive than they actually are, so they were a bargain!. I actually decided to get these curtains for the kitchen, lounge and our bedroom and the apartment looks so dreamy. The black curtain railing contrasts the white curtains and this builds character in the room.

Photo credits – Instagram @allthingsshome

The clothing rail is one of the best purchases I have ever made. If you are looking for extra storage but do not have space for a wardrobe, a clothing rail is the way to go! I found this clothing rail for only £15 in IKEA. This is where I hang the clothes that I am more likely to wear (during the week), coats and my dressing gown. I love that my clothing rail has a section at the bottom where I can store my extra shoes and bags.

Photo credits – Instagram @allthingsshome

 Living in an apartment means storage is limited so I was looking for an ottoman which looked good but also had storage. Previously we had a rectangular shaped ottoman which was amazing when it came to storage but I felt like it didn’t look right. After going through thousands of websites, we decided on a round, soft velvet grey ottoman to stick to the neutral theme. The ottoman also gives the room a modern and stylish look.  

Another form of storage in the dressing room is my dressing table. I needed a place where I can do my make up, store our perfumes as well as store my make up. My dressing table was the perfect fit and putting it in front of the window allows natural lighting in the room which makes it easier for me when I apply make up. 

To finish off the room, we got a full length mirror with a black frame from IKEA and it was quite affordable. I wanted a mirror in my dressing room for me to easily put outfits together without having to walk into our bedroom to use the mirror. I also wanted a mirror in the dressing room as it makes the room look bigger.

Photo credit – Instagram @allthingsshome

Overall, there are a few more things that I would like to add to the room and I look forward to sharing them with you. Please feel free to share your ideas on what your dream walk in wardrobe would look like, in the comments section below. Alternatively you can also use the comments section on my Instagram page I’m looking forward to reading your ideas and thoughts! 

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