Has COVID19 affected your wedding too?

Has COVID19 affected your wedding too?

Happy New Year guys! Hope you had a lovely Christmas and a great New year. I was so eager to start the new year, not because I thought the virus would vanish, but because 2021 is the year that we planned to have our dream wedding. After 2 years of planning and booking suppliers, the year has finally arrived!!!

Just a few days into the new year, we unfortunately entered into another lockdown and the idea of having our dream wedding started to feel less certain. After A LOT of conversations on our options, we were stuck on what to do. We just couldn’t think of having to wait another year especially in this uncertainty, but we also wanted all of our family and friends to be there to celebrate with us on our special day. 

I recently discovered a forum on the Hitched website where a lot of brides to be and suppliers have discussions on how their wedding planning is going etc. If you are getting married this year and you want more advice on wedding planning or if you have any bridal questions, I recommend to check their website and forum out. They also have a wedding planning app. 

We decided to move our dream wedding day to next year. We will still be legally getting married this year at the registrar’s office (fingers crossed, as long as the lockdown rules has been relaxed). This year has started off bittersweet, however I am still excited to marry my best friend.

Are you getting married this year? If so, I would love to hear what your plans are…